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Annie Wright(non-registered)
So sorry so late. I am up past my ears in recital prep. Love looking through your amazing photographs. Love you so much. Happy late birthday. I think of you every day, of course. Love my big brother.
Cathy Boehme(non-registered)
What a nice way to organize and display photos--photos with an immediate appeal. Lines, shapes, colors, textures of such a variety. Thanks for sharing these and bringing inspiration to viewers, such as myself!
Kate LaRusso and Allen Patton(non-registered)
Dan, on this, your Birthday . . . we stopped by your website to browse through some of the galleries of photos! I was stunned & overwhelmed w/deep passion from some of the feelings generated. You "have the eye", there is NO doubt about this! You .. to me .. are one of the most talented Artists/Photographers I've known. Actually, I have met so many budding/inspiring photographers & I've viewed their photos. NOTHING compares to the beauty, color, or the angles that your photos burst with! I love you, my dear brother, you are in my heart. We loved viewing your galleries AND yes .. even the wedding photos! Only YOU can make a simple Wedding seem SO beautiful. God Bless You & I look so forward to once again seeing you all one day. Gosh, ... I don't even want to leave; I want more!!! haha! Love forever, you "sis", the redheaded one that is!
marian & joe la russo(non-registered)
Loved, loved, loved our "trip" to Puerto Rico. Your photos are
so beautiful. You captured the warmth of the sun and the wonderful
smell of the ocean. You showed the beauty of the island............ you, mom and dad
N&C Heim(non-registered)
Pictures of Puerto Rico--stunning! Architecture, blue sea, beaches, palm trees, etc. They are a feast for the eyes! We'll watch them again and again. Thanks!
marian and joe larusso(non-registered)
They say, happy is the bride the sun shines on............Well, happy is
the bride and groom that you photograph. Your pictures will give them
so many wonderful memories. Really beautiful.
Ah, we are so proud of you and your wonderful assistant...........
Love, mom and dad
Karen Francis(non-registered)
Many thanks to you and your competent assistant, Alice, for photographing our recent wedding. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures!!
Your skills and experience in photography shine through when we look at the wonderful array of pics we have of our special day.
We appreciate that you captured every aspect of the day in innovative as well as traditional ways.
We would wholeheartedly recommend Dan LaRusso Photography for all occasions.
Gary Pack(non-registered)
Dan... Your work is outstanding and your creative compositions are truly captivating.
the LaRusso's(non-registered)
Bon Jour...................We just toured Quebec...
Loved your trip in Canada. As always, you WOW us with your photos...
Your pictures come alive...
Love you...Mom and Dad
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